Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Strawberry Brooch

Hi there! How are you? Hope it is not too late to wish you a very happy new year !! ~~~

Well... it seems like I got quite a number of visitors recently. I thought that my blog is so insignificant; I kindda abandoned it.  Good to have you here, whoever you are. I really appreciate that you stopping by. 

Earlier, I have couple of brooches crocheted which I did not post here. "Pink strawberries" is one of those... Today, I thought I'd like to add another strawberry on it... the red one!


This is the pink strawberries brooch which I completed not long ago. I don't have the red yarn, that's why it was pink. :p I thought it looks nice, but if it was red, it would have been nicer. So, I guess today I just add another one, slightly a big one. 

Let's combine it together. Although I am not sure how to do it.... 

I guess I just tied it together..

So, this is how it looks on my white shirt.

What do you think? Leave me some comments. Thank you ^__^

Friday, 6 November 2015

Let's play badminton!

I love playing badminton. Once a week I will join the recreation club playing badminton together with my ex-colleagues. Now I would join my current colleagues. Oddly enough, it was really fun when me and my friends did not really know how to play it. We loves watching  the sport, but playing the game is totally a different story. Without official training, we taught each other, made fun of each other and had great laugh learning it together. We tried to imitate our favorite top world class badminton players and made blunders along the way. Imagine try to hit a smash but ended up hitting the air... and the shuttle dropped on your head.

Here's the badminton court I crocheted. I scaled down the actual court size and map it on an excel sheet. Basically I just did double crochet on each boxes.

click to download

Monday, 2 November 2015

Kiss Kiss Love Birds

It is from the "Happy Cute" crochet book by Annie Obaachan. This book is teaching about 25 Amigurumi Gifts to celebrate Special Occasions. So, last week I picked one which is Kiss Kiss Love Birds... haha..... the name was quite....

Happy Cute crochet book
This is how the bird is supposed to look like.

Crocheting while watching Japanese variety show from a website.

Matsujun is eating rice ~~~

And...pop!! Finished!

This looks ok to me, though not as cute as the one in the book.
Ok lah tu.