Wednesday, 31 December 2014


"If there were no rainbows, some might mistaken me for a fish!"

"No, I am an aeroplane!"

Not long ago, I did this. Unfortunately like many of my projects, it stuck halfway. This was made before MH370 went missing and even before MH17 was shot down at the Ukraine airspace. This year we learned a bit about aviation, didn't we? Experts showed up on televisions and talked about what could have happened to MH370, the theories & speculations. It is still remain mystery though. They spoke of MH17 route above the crisis area. 298 passengers including the crews all dead. May their souls rest in peace. And then, just few days before we wrap up 2014, yet another airplane gone missing. Indonesia's QZ8501 en route to Singapore lost contact after requesting to fly higher due to bad weather. 3 days later, the wreckage was found near Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan. It was a heartbreaking news...

I used to be a frequent flyer before I quit my job at E company. That company always sent me to Manila, Philippines. The turbulence above the South China Sea was pretty bad. I don't like to fly but I know flying is save most of the time. When I watched Air Crash Investigation series, I learned that an aircraft is equipped with many safety features. That's why I still have a little bit of confidence flying. However, when an accident happen, it is something scary to think about. It involves so many lives. Those onboard have no choice but to accept their fate in the hand of the pilot and of course, God.

On a separate note, which has nothing to do with an airplane, flood in Malaysia got worse this year. Half of Malaysia were under water. The affected areas look like they were being hit by a tsunami. What shown on the official news report & unofficial social media reports were overwhelming. People lost their houses, belongings & love ones. Helps & volunteers come from across the country from many associations. I am glad that most Malaysians stay together and toss aside political views & hatred during this hard time. I pray that the victims were given extraordinary strength to go through all the hardship.

It is time to bid farewell to 2014. Let's hope & pray for a better year next year.

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