Monday, 5 January 2015

11. Mini Dress

After a self proclaim that I can handle the lace yarn, I have added the lace on this mini dress.


Friday, 2 January 2015

10. Doily

Cotton Lace Yarn

I picked this guy (Cotton Lace Yarn) when I first excited about doing crochet and naively thought that I could work this guy too. LOL! I also have a small size crochet needle that I got from my mother since she no longer crochet for a very long time, probably close to 20 years now. When I bought the yarn, I purposely kept the label for my own reference. Yeah, it is in Japanese, but no worries. I can read some and the most important part is the numbers on the label. The cotton yarn is number 15 and the recommended crochet hooks size is 1.0 - 0.9 mm. That's about it! :-D

This year, looking forward to a positive turn out of my crochet works, I took a challenge to handle this yarn, hence a doily.     

~ doily, doily, doily ~
The tutorial provided by Sheruknittingcom (@Sheruknitting) is actually not a doily but a lace tape (I'm not familiar with the term) which consist of 2 parts. I completed the first one and it looks like a very nice doily to a glass that I am currently working for a crochet flower arrangements. 
nice for this glass

Well, this year I'm looking forward to learn some other things that I could crochet with this yarn. Wish me luck!  Thank you.

                       Silhouette effect for no real purpose

Tutorial video: