Friday, 6 November 2015

Let's play badminton!

I love playing badminton. Once a week I will join the recreation club playing badminton together with my ex-colleagues. Now I would join my current colleagues. Oddly enough, it was really fun when me and my friends did not really know how to play it. We loves watching  the sport, but playing the game is totally a different story. Without official training, we taught each other, made fun of each other and had great laugh learning it together. We tried to imitate our favorite top world class badminton players and made blunders along the way. Imagine try to hit a smash but ended up hitting the air... and the shuttle dropped on your head.

Here's the badminton court I crocheted. I scaled down the actual court size and map it on an excel sheet. Basically I just did double crochet on each boxes.

click to download

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